Avinxt On-site recycling

By capturing and recycling spent glycol on-site, with high capture rates, we significantly reduce waste and minimize environmental impact and cost.

Time is of the Essence

Time is a critical factor in the aviation industry, and every minute saved can have a significant impact on both the environment and the bottom line. By reducing the time aircraft spend on the ground, we can minimize fuel consumption, decrease emissions, and increase operational efficiency. This translates to cost savings for our customers and contributes to a more sustainable aviation industry.

Our advanced technology and automated systems allow for efficient de-icing, washing, and engine washing, reducing aircraft idle time and ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, our commitment to using environmentally friendly products and processes further reinforces our dedication to sustainability. At MSG Aviation, we recognize the value of time and its impact on both our customers and the environment, and we continuously strive to improve and innovate for a better tomorrow.


secounds for a light type de-ice.*


minutes for a full body wash*


minutes for a engine wash*


hours for a full body aircraft scan*

News and insights

Norse Atlantic Airways and Avinxt sign agreement

Foto: Mariann Beausire / Forsvaret

Green technology and artificial intelligence from Avinxt can reduce emissions and costs for the Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Slashing CO2 emissions and waste through recycling, de-Icing, and advanced cleaning