Our Story

It all started with a delayed flight

Dec 2009

Schiphol: The idea behind Avinxt was born during a massive de-icing event causing large delays at Schiphol Airport. Could automation make winter operations more predictable?


Skien: We spent hundreds of hours with professionals in the aviation industry, collecting data, developing the idea and potential in our solution. Starting construction on our small-scale prototype


Skien: First successful test of test arm at Notodden


Skien: AVINXT (MSG) Received the Seal of Excellence and EUR 2,5m from the European Commission Horizon 2020 SME Research and Innovation Program


The process of constructing a full-scale testing facility at Skien Airport Geiteryggen in Norway started


Skien: Our own B737 arrives at Skien Airport Geiteryggen. The aircraft is vital in the testing and demonstration of the AVINXT solution. The Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg open the test-center.


Skien: Full scale winter condition testing starts. We start collecting important data to analyze and improve our products.

Arlanda: In cooperation with Vilokan, full-scale testing of  processing plant, collecting and recycling de-ice liquids and rainwater.


Skien/Stavanger: Work begins on programming and developing the next generation robotic platform with increased focus on automation and AI. By using industry leaders and years of valuable experience from testing we quickly move towards a safer and more suitable platform.


Oslo: Agreement with Avinor to build a fully commercial facility at OSL, Norway's larges airport, was signed. Integration with the airport starts and the pre-project is approved.

Skien: Existing tools, hardware, and software systems are integrated to work with the next-gen robotic platform.

Stavanger: Continuously testing robotics hardware with our software.


Stavanger: Major software milestone, robotic software now adjust to dynamic elements on aircraft.

OSL: Construction phase 1 started at OSL, Bravo north.