High quality providers with world-wide presence


Siemens provides all automation components, such as, electric motors, gears, programmable logic controllers, power supply, etc.

Siemens is the largest industrial automation company in Europe

Canrig Robotics

Canrig Robotics is a world-renowned leader in large robotics, renowned for its cutting-edge software and exceptionally durable robotic systems designed to excel even in the most demanding conditions.


Vilokan delivers an all-inclusive solution for fluid recycling.

Leading provider of purification and recycling installations


8tree deliver world leading inspection technology.

Approved 8tree camera technology will be implemented and used by Avinxt to provide inspection reports to operators and OEMs


SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research organisations.

Carries out several thousand projects for both large and small customers.

Bergfald Miljørådgivere

Bergfald Miljørådgivere has since 1998 helped many businesses and organisations to improve their environmental performance

Offers a wide range of consultancy services


COWI is a leading global consulting group with a focus on engineering, environmental science, and economics.

The company is headquartered in Denmark and has a strong international presence, with offices and projects in numerous countries.

Swiss Aviation Software

Swiss Aviation Software is one of the leading suppliers of aviation maintenance management software worldwide.

Has developed a comprehensive, fully-integrated software package that manages maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and maintenance, repair and overhaul providers

Eco Power

Eco Power is a provider of on-wing aircraft engine washing systems

Its patented engine-wash system is environmentally friendly and has been approved for use on all major engines from leading OEMs.