Our automated de-icing process not only benefits the environment, but also reduces costs for our customers.

By capturing and recycling spent glycol with high capture rates, we significantly reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.

Additionally, our innovative technology consumes less energy than traditional de-icing products, contributing to a more sustainable operation overall. Choose our services for an advanced and cost-effective solution to aircraft de-icing.

Capture and recycling

We are committed to collecting over 90% of spent glycol not leaving with the aircraft, providing a substantial reduction in waste and a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new glycol. Our technology also reduces costs for our clients, making our automated de-icing services both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Capture rate

Automated precision

Our automated de-icing process is designed to minimize the amount of used glycol by accurately targeting only the aircraft surface that requires de-icing. This is achieved by utilizing advanced sensors and software, which ensure precise and efficient glycol application.

Expected total liquid reduction

No misses, no misstakes

Our automated de-icing process ensures compliance with IATA and SAE guidelines, providing a safe and reliable solution for aircraft de-icing operations. By utilizing innovative technology, our process is efficient and sustainable, reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

Expected type II savings